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Chris Wilder Sr. Associate Pastor - Adult Ministry

Chris Wilder

About Chris Wilder

I am not the only one who has tried to answer that question! Many have tried to define who I am. I’ve tried to myself. It’s not that I have amnesia or don’t know; rather, I have learned that who I am is less a product of what I do and more the result of the relationships in my life. Who am I? I am grateful, thankful, and hold in remembrance the goodness and mercy God has shown in my life. When it seemed I was going under for the last time, He was there! Some of those amazing relationships that make up who I am are my wife Camille (she’s got quite the culinary skill!), daughters Sharaye and Alexandra, my son Addison and his son Caleb. Life is sweet.

Growing up in central Texas, my best friend’s mother kept me in church by having me spend the night nearly every Saturday night. I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of ten. In high school and college, I maintained my "fire insurance" but let God be less than first in my life. While attending McMurry College, I sensed God’s voice directing me to the ministry. I told no one about that experience. In the interim, I worked in country clubs as a maitre’d and in public education as a school counselor. During the summer of 1993, after a gentle reminder about a ministry calling, I came to Eagle Mountain International Church. I served as a volunteer in SuperKid Academy (the children’s church) and as an usher. In December 1997, I had the privilege of joining the church staff. In 2010 I completed my Ph.D. in counseling from the University of North Texas.

I get to help— and my current assignment is to administrate the functions of our pastoral care department, including counseling, weddings, and home-going celebrations. My other responsibilities include the oversight of our altar ministry and healing ministry teams. My primary goal in all I do is to lead people to a recognition and reliance on God’s grace for living and His deep love for His people.

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